Important: Warning Day !

Important: Warning Day !

What happens on the nationwide warning day?

At 11:00 a.m. a test warning is sent to all warning multipliers (e.g. radio stations, app servers) that are connected to the federal modular warning system (MoWaS). The warning multipliers send the test warning in their systems or programs to end devices such as radios and warning apps (e.g. the warning app NINA (Emergency Information and News App of the Federal Government)) on which you read, hear or perceive the warning. At the same time, available municipal warning devices (e.g. sirens and loudspeaker vehicles) are triggered at the level of the federal states, districts and municipalities.

What are the goals of the nationwide warning day?

The nationwide warning day and the trial warning have as their goal

  • to sensitize them to the issue of warning the population,
  • to make the function and process of the warning better understandable and
  • to draw attention to the available warning devices (e.g. sirens, warning apps, digital advertising spaces)

The nationwide Warning Day aims to contribute to increasing your knowledge of warning in emergency situations and thus support your ability to protect yourself. The siren signals, which are now uniform throughout Germany, are also to become better known.

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